Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yellowstone National Park in Pictures

Last week we visited Yellowstone National Park. Having already told everyone we know how cool our vacation was on Facebook, I have moved on to my blog (No, I am not above flaunting. And yes, Facebook takes precedence as I get more comments there). Now, my knowledge of Geology is almost zero, and I still know very little about Yellowstone - both good reasons to let the lovely pictures clicked by the husband do the talking. Here are a few.

Scenic drive - just kept getting better and better.

Some very interesting terrain - roaring mountain, mammoth springs... Almost felt like a different planet.

Hot springs and some interesting life forms that survive these high temperatures. The one on the left is called emerald pool.

Some hot stuff this! Was quite the thrill to stand a few feet from these geysers and mud volcanoes at Old Faithful, Norris Basin, Dragon's mouth...

Spotted some wildlife too. A friendly bison even stopped by our van.

Water bodies. So pure and untouched. Yellowstone Lake, West Thumb, Lamar Valley.

Yellowstone by dusk. That dashing man in the picture is my husband...

On our way back we stopped at Grand Teton National Park and enjoyed some huckleberry margaritas at the Blue Heron at Jackson Lake Lodge. There couldn't possibly be a place with better views.

That was a great trip!

General advise on itineraries and how to plan your Yellowstone trip can be found in abundance on the net. Only thing I'll add is don't believe anyone who says 4 days is too little to explore Yellowstone. Sure more the vacation days, the merrier, but if you can't take more than a day or two off work, you can still very much enjoy Yellowstone, so don't let that deter you.


  1. Initially I was like yellow stone.. really... but these pics have highly motivated me to go see it for myself sometime!

  2. Nice pictures.. Reminds me to blog my Yellowstone vacation..

  3. @Tanz: I'm glad I was able to spark your interest in Yellowstone.
    @Manjusha: You totally should! I've noticed that you've blogged about quite a few national parks and such already. Btw, I was reminded of what I once read on your blog about making your own fridge magnets - - I'm going to give that a shot this time.

  4. these are some amazing pictures!

  5. @synapse - Thanks! The photographer appreciates...

  6. Awesome photographs. Vicky takes mostly better pics than me, so I console myself with the reflection that he has prettier models. ;)

  7. @Sue - Of course, the model is everything! Btw, I registered the husband in a photography course as an anniversary present - a gift with kickbacks ;)

  8. Looks like an amazing place!

  9. @~L~- It was! Thanks for stopping by!