Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stressing over vacation

For the past month or so, I've been stressing over vacation plans. Ironic isn't it? I guess until the vacation starts, it's all about getting the visas done, tickets and hotels booked, wrapping up stuff at work and actually getting on to that flight. After which I hope to be surrounded by a sense of adventure and tranquillity.

The truth is, my husband and I got married last August, and it being an Indian wedding and all we didn't have any time after the wedding for a honeymoon. So we've been making plans since... yes ... last August. And after like 9 months of work and no vacation whatsoever, we're quite desperate for one. Getting away for even a short break can be quite refreshing. This Easter, I took a short break and went to California to visit my brother and some friends. It was so relaxing to get away from the same sights and sounds and experience something different. Just waking up in a warmer and sunnier place for example. Or ... having wine in broad daylight in Napa Valley for example.

So, earlier this year, we started off with plans to go to New Zealand for  week in March. Anyone who's watched Lord of the Rings as many times as us would obviously want to see New Zealand. But somehow we kept putting it off and we missed the "good weather window". After which we settled on Spain, but after reading a ton of online blogs and reviews about travel to Spain, I learnt that Spain is way too hot in June. Now we're considering England/Scotland/Amsterdam.

I have always been really bad about planning things. I've never been that person who, in a group of friends, books the rental and the hotel and plans a long weekend trip from start to finish. I've always been happy to let someone else do the hard work :). I wish there were people you could pay to do this for you. Wait, isn't that what travel agents are for? Hmm..

I recently learnt that I could cut out the effort of getting a visa if I were to visit Costa Rica. Funnily when I clicked on the 'Next Blog' link, it took me to Is that a sign?


  1. How about a week in Montenegro?

  2. Btw, good luck woth ur blogging.

  3. Kassu! Thanks for the suggestion. Never heard of Montenegro before. Will throw that in for consideration. Should be finalizing my plans soon!