Friday, July 10, 2009

On 3D movies and the Environment

Just got back from a movie. We watched our second 3D movie in a month - Ice Age 3, following Up (both really good movies). 
Over the years, I've made my peace with having to pay 3$ extra for a pair of 3D glasses when I'm not allowed to bring along the pair I got for my last 3D movie. However, I lose it when they put a big box right outside the theatre with a message saying 'Help recycle your 3D glasses' under the pretext of saving the Earth. So I'm just supposed to drop off my 3D glasses which I paid 3$ for (and which I have no use for either, I must admit) so that these people can repackage them and make more money off of them? And all this while, they wont allow me to just pay the regular ticket price and bring the glasses I saved from my last movie? If they're so concerned about the environment,  why not allow people this option? Imagine how much plastic could be saved if people were just encouraged to save their glasses and re-use them by saving them money!
This almost makes me as angry as I get when I see a sandwich at the place I frequent for lunch, being wrapped in an aluminium foil first, then placed in a plastic box and finally put in a paper bag. And to this people add several paper towels, and sachets of ketchup, salt and pepper picked up indiscriminately at the help-yourself corner, because, well, it's all free isn't it?. Grrr! I wont pretend to be the most environmentally conscious person, but this is just pure evil!


  1. I feel your sentiment, but 3D movies are not only expensive but also a rare thing right now. You will see this with any commodity that is rare or not publically available. It is purely means of making money... but I don't think you are paying 3$ for the glasses you are paying 3$ for the privilege of watching it 3D.

  2. I feel your pain. I think you should call the authorities and register a formal complaint. How about submitting the complaint to a NYC newspaper? They're running short on sensible articles from what I see.
    This reminds me about a rant I have to make too. Will write about it shortly :)

  3. I'm pretty sure that at least a part of the extra 3$ is towards the glasses. Their cost has to be factored into the extra price somehow isn't it? I don't care if they charge extra for any costs they may incur for screening a 3D movie, just not the glasses. Plus this isn't about saving 3$ it's about the sum total of plastic wasted due to such money-making schemes.

  4. you could write something like this and become a world famous blogger

  5. Oh God Butterfly! This article is sooo hilarious! I swear, what is it with these airline meals? They serve the most subpar food!