Sunday, September 6, 2009


We're moving. For the fourth time in three years. When I mentioned it to my good friend T, not surprisingly, she asked me if I don't get tired of moving, with all its hassles, year after year? T always does this. This is a question that many others have asked me, but when T asks me these things, she really makes me think. I mean, after all, we live in a great apartment, overlooking the river with beautiful New York views, and a decent rent. Why do we want to move again? We're not even saving any money by doing so! After some 'soul-searching', I realized why. I told her I need change. I need constant change. 

I'm one of those people who're almost pathologically scared of "sameness". It would almost frighten me if we stayed exactly where we were without making some changes in our life, at least the ones we can. Not because they're necessary, but because I necessarily need them. With a full-time job and a packed schedule, I cant make sure that every single day is different from another. But hopefully, I can at least make sure that every year is different from another? :).  

So, while who knows what I'll be like in 10 years, for now, I'm free and willing enough to keep making changes, often at a whim, and hopefully enjoy them! So with all the packing and cleaning and pushing and heaving, I'm really looking forward to moving to our new place!

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