Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When squeezing wont help...

A few days ago, I watched a Youtube video on skin-care, where the woman advised cutting open a tube of moisturizer after you think it's over, to "scrape" a bit more of what's left. I must admit that I did think of such advice condescendingly, until one day I ran out of my face-wash. No amount of squeezing could get anything out of the tube, and not cleansing before my nightly skin-care routine is a complete no-no. So out of sheer desperation (and laziness to make a drugstore run) I decided to give cutting open the tube a try. And lo! Guess what I found?! More than 10-15% of the product. Right there in the tube. Thats at least 10% of my money that I did not see was there! And to think that year after year I've thrown this stuff away! What a criminal waste!

I cannot imagine why product companies wouldn't package their stuff in such a way that all of what was purchased could actually be used. Wouldn't that be a win-win situation for both the producer as well as the consumers? Or is there some evil marketing strategy behind this? It also occurred to me that perhaps beauty product companies are the worst culprits! I walk into the kitchen and I don't see wasteful packaging for my cooking oil, salt, yogurt, dishwashing liquid, detergent, etc. But my face wash, moisturizer, shampoo, hair gel, face mask, body lotion containers are all designed to waste.

What's worse is that not only is the consumer losing all this money, but it's just a terrible waste of resources. And if you interpolate, it's not just the resources sitting in that container either. I live in New York, where everything can be found within 10 metres and can be reached by walking, but imagine living in almost any other town in the US. Every time a woman runs out of her favorite face wash or shampoor or such, she gets into a car and drives at least a mile to the nearest drugstore/mall to get another one. So in say every 10-11 such visits, she could easily be making one unnecessary one where she's wasting fuel, and perhaps a plastic bag or two, in addition to her money. Of course in reality she could also be doing her weekly groceries at the same time, but hey! how many of you haven't driven to a store just 'cuz u ran out of the only shampoo that won't frizz up your hair?.

Anyway, my point is, that it isn't cheap to get the most out of your purchase, so squeeze away, cut away, slice away - 'cuz not only are you getting your money's worth, but you're also helping the environment a little every time you do that.

P.S: Republished with a photo for added effect ;)

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