Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

19th May, 2010

Dear Blog,

If you thought that I had forgotten our anniversary and only happened to recall it at this late hour and scrambled to put together this last-minute post as some sort of a cover-up, you are very much mistaken. That was the plan all along. I just like to play it cool.
Also, I trust you're not given to materialistic expectations like the perfect anniversary post that I agonized over for weeks. In any case, you got 33 of them last year, so you can't really complain. Of course, I understand your disappointment that I did not update my Facebook status touting this monumental milestone in my life to all my FB buddies, because you can't imagine why they wouldn't be interested. That is perfectly reasonable, and I will make it up to you by opening a twitter account and tweeting about us.
Now that that's settled, lets raise our glasses to an year and 33 posts! Happy Anniversary!
Oh, and I wish all those readers of ours, who like to quietly lurk and not talk to us, take this opportunity to break the ice and say hello. It would be really nice to connect, you know? :)



  1. ahem, time to update that "About Me" that still says you're 27? ;-)

  2. It's been fun reading this for the last year. Keep 'em coming!

  3. That can only be one "anonymous" person. Time to write longer, more frequent posts. And update your status mesg with newer blogs

  4. Love ur posts.. keep em coming babe.
    Oh and guess what.. just randomly yesterday i decided to open a twitter account.. coincidence ;)

  5. @Anonymous - I don't know what you're talking about.
    @Uday - Aww, thanks :)
    @M - Longer posts? Are you sure? :) Yes, I do hope to post more frequently this year.
    @Tanz - Thanks hon! And hey, you tweet, I tweet.

  6. Happy belated bloggy birthday. :)