Thursday, May 6, 2010

With due consideration

I'm happy to note that I may have (perhaps only temporarily) reached a stage in my life where I actually think carefully before acting on an angry impulse. In the past few days many an email that was composed, sometimes in anger and sometimes in frustration, was not actually sent because I decided to give myself some cool down time before sending it, lest I should feel differently later. I'm sure everyone has sent at least one email in their lives that they have regretted. Well, I have sent many; and having sent that many, I must admit that it is somewhat gratifying to put all that emotion into words. It's hard not to resort to it every now and then, just because of its therapeutic qualities, but I've just learnt to be content with typing furiously away to let it all out and then silently hitting cancel (or saving a draft if I have a real winner, just in case). 


  1. O ya, I ALWAYS save drafts of angry emails and end up deleting them 99% of the time after taking a few deep breaths and coming back two hours later. Helps to get it out even if it never sees the light of day. A top feature in gmail and outlook in my opinion :-)

  2. Haha.. yeah I have done that once in a while.. though never at work... with MBA group mates (and yes I have regretted it). And my problem is that if I type it up.. I always send. So now I just get away from the computer for 10 minutes to calm down and then type up the email. Helps immensely !

  3. Online I don't get into too many conflicts because I prefer arguing face to face.

    Last week though I was openly and childishly rude to somebody who was pissing me off and boy was it fun. :D