Monday, April 12, 2010


Mondays can be hard. I usually wake up wondering why the world of corporations conspired to create a 5-day work week, why offices cant be more like schools doling out summer vacations and spring breaks, and imagine a perfect world with no Mondays, before I peel myself off the bed to take a shower. Since, Mondays are here to stay, here are a few tried-and-tested tips that may help ease the Monday blues. (Note, these are only for symptom-relief, they're no cure.)

1. Start thinking on Sunday night about what to wear to work the next morning. Pick something that you bought recently and are waiting to try, or a favorite sweater that makes you look oh-so-thin, to help you get a little excited about waking up and getting ready. This will also help avoid having a 'Damn! I have nothing to wear!' moment so early in the week, if you have it all figured out on Sunday night. Remember, looking good = feeling good.
2. Use your aromatherapy body-wash. You're gonna need it.
3. Walk in to work and spend the first 5 minutes, rolling your eyes at everyone in the elevator and around your desk saying "Mondays!". Helps to get it out of your system. Chances are you'll even get a few understanding nods so you'll know you're not alone.
4. Avoid Monday-morning-sprightly-characters at all cost. They can be annoying.
5. Take a coffee (green tea recommended) break around mid-day to commend yourself for having made it that far in the day. Give yourself a pat on the back!
6. Leave a tad earlier than usual and spend that time browsing a store or taking a stroll or such.

If none of the above help, then well, wait and see if Tuesday feels any better.

P.S.:Any other suggestions, anyone?


  1. " Avoid Monday-morning-sprightly-characters at all cost". Couldn't agree more!

    I usually also try to make sure that I don't commit to any meetings or deadlines for mondays. I always offer to do things "early next week" which keeps me from thinking over the weekend or on monday morning about something that absolutely needs to get done.

  2. I know right? They make you wanna go what are you so happy about? :D
    Avoid Monday deadlines, that's a good one...

  3. hmmm why would i give you the opposite advice of having monday deadlines? you can relax after to reward yourself... also having a lot of things to do can make it pass without realizing how long you were at work?

  4. Anonymous II, interesting. That may work for some. Deadlines sure do keep you occupied. As for me, I usually have panic attacks before my deadlines, so I like to finish stuff on Fridays so that I can unwind and really relax over the weekend.

  5. I usually try to busy up Monday too, so that it pasts by fast. But I also try and keep some meetings on Mondays.. so that I can either be engaged in an interesting conversation or zone out and make grocery lists :P

  6. Tanz, the meeting idea is pretty good. I like to keep my meetings right after lunch for that same reason :D