Friday, April 9, 2010


Anyone seen the trailer for Sex And The City 2? Any guesses as to where it is shot? Nope, not New York (at least, not entirely). Try again. Abu Dhabi. That's right. I never would've guessed. The entire trailer looked like an ad for Abu Dhabi tourism, complete with plush hotels and camel rides and belly dancers. Oh, and guess who Carrie runs into there? (Spoiler alert!) Aiden! I have such low expectations from this movie already. And yet, I'm so gonna watch it...


  1. sigh :P
    now do not drag me, the husband into this!

  2. Oh, don't worry, I won't! No fun watching SATC with a man. Will probably make a Girls' Night Out of this. Least one can do to make the experience enjoyable...

  3. srsly.. SATC is definitely girls night out.. husbands are banned !! :p
    Btw.. I think the actor who plays Aiden is strange. Sometimes he is super hot, other times.. he is like repulsive.

  4. He he, maybe they do that deliberately so that he doesn't give Mr.Big a run for his money ;)