Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Saturday!

Since the husband and I are preparing for an exam, we had to passover an opportunity to spend the first warm, sunny, long weekend (on this coast) with friends in a nice vacation rental facing a lake in scenic Pennsylvania. Instead I'm making painfully slow progress on Balance Sheet Analysis and he's trying to tear himself away from IPL Cricket matches to study. So I decided, enough is enough! Perhaps doing something nice for ourselves would make us focus more on our studies instead of wondering how much fun we could've been having instead.

So I made us a nice breakfast. Eating nice dinners and lunches happens ever so often, but a nice breakfast is a rare treat. I seldom get anything fancier than cereal and juice. So I spent the better part of this morning cooking up a big breakfast. Made some french toast, bought some fresh strawberries and pomegranate juice, baked some (part-whole-wheat, eggless, butter-less blueberry muffins) and made some fried potatoes on the side to add a savory touch.

The breakfast really helped... for a few hours, that is. Maybe I'll watch some TV now..


  1. Hmmmm...You call this a big breakfast... Its like a snack for me unless there is huge quantites of the same stuff.. :D Looks delicious though. Difficult to easy less and keep quiet.