Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For all the Steven Slater admirers out there..

Slater's got style. The man is now famous for calling it quits. An overnight celebrity of sorts for not being able to take it any more. So, while I've given Susan Boyle and Octomom a miss, Slater gets a place in my blog. Why? Because, you see, Slater hasn't really done anything that remarkable. He neither wowed millions with a dramatic singing performance, nor did he push 8 babies out of his uterus and live to tell the story. He simply had a meltdown at work. Anyone thinking so what's the big deal? Well, it's just that thousands, perhaps even millions, of people gazing out the office window on a Wednesday afternoon wondering how much longer for the weekend to arrive, will now have the comfort of drawing a mental picture of escaping to freedom via an emergency chute, beers in hand, no less. That sort of thing can change lives. If that's not a big deal, then what is?

Now, I'm no legal expert, nor do I know anything about airline safety, but all I have to say is this. Give the guy a reality show already! Move over, Fly Girls (yes, someone actually thought of a show on flight attendants even before this exciting event) The most famous flight attendant in history is here!


  1. Cue

  2. So this is what I find the most interesting part of his story - he grabs the beer gets out the emergency slide.. walks to his car.. gets home.. has more beer at home and THEN he gets arrested.

  3. @Uday - haha, now I can also hear that background music playing when I imagine the emergency chute of my dreams..
    @Tanz - Yep, the beer was undoubtedly the best part. I'm not so sure he'd be as famous if he hadn't grabbed some beer on his way out.