Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shopping, these days...

Over the years, I've found that my patience with shopping has significantly waned. If I see a longish line outside a fitting room or cash register (a rather common sight in New York), I more often than not overcome my desire to own new clothes and escape almost instantly.

So today I went shopping again. I know, I know, I bought a lot lately but the weather's turning rather grey in New York which means that fall is here and somehow, yet again, I have nothing to wear! (Digressing a bit here, but how is it that one can own so many clothes and still have nothing to wear? It's a baffling phenomenon that seems to afflict only women...)Anyway, as I stood in a line outside the fitting room contemplating whether I should try a sweater on to confirm if the extra small size in GAP is really a medium or not (Have you seen what GAP calls small ?!!), I saw a visibly exhausted mother sit down to rest her tired feet after spending probably several hours shopping with her teenage daughter for back-to-school clothes. While the daughter enthusiastically tried on clothes and showed no signs of relenting, her tired, but patient mother looked on. And suddenly I was reminded of all the times when I went shopping with my mother. I would insist we survey every store in town before going back to the first store to buy the first outfit I had tried, while my mother shook her head in disbelief and indulged a daughter who never seemed to tire of shopping. It was so much fun. Mothers and daughters just have this thing, you know? I miss you mummy! :(


  1. Spare a thought for the brother too? :-D

    Of course in India the saree shop guys are smart enough to offer chai or soda to the bored family members in tow!

  2. awww.. though did I ever tell you.. I dread going shopping with my mom.. almost as much as I dread going shopping with you. She does exactly the same thing.. survey all the stores and then she will be back to store 1 ! Somehow I missed that gene... THANK GOD ! :P

  3. Though we are hitting the Nordstrom racks in 2 weeks.. right D: ?

  4. @Uday - Who says mom was bored? :P And yes, you and dad are very patient company :) Gotta say dad was an angel during my wedding shopping.
    @Tanz - Tan, you make uncharacteristically quick decisions for a woman. You're no fun at all :P Btw, don't get your hopes too high for the Nordstrom Rack in New York. Last time I went there, I wasn't impressed. We should totally go to Soho though. Leave the husbands to entertain each other while we shop away.

  5. Looks like I missed the gene too! Can't take more than an hour of shopping at a time ;)

    How about we go to Soho tomorrow sans husbands?

  6. @Chandana - I've become like that too these days :-S although I was born with a solid proclivity to shopping :) Soho it is!